Bradley James

FIC: The Hit

Title: The Hit

Fandom: Merlin

Pairing: Merthur, minor Gwen/Leon, past Arwen and Gwencelot

Summary: Merlin does not take kindly to people coming after Arthur.

Rating: R

Warnings: Mentions of homophobia and violence. Modern era. Murderous Merlin.

A/N: Written for kinkalot 2019 Bonus Challenge 4: Risky Business

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Bradley James

FIC: The Curse

Title: The Curse

Fandom: Merlin + Damien 

Pairing: Merlin/Damien (past Merlin/Arthur, Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Leon)

Summary: As if the religious fanatics so far had not been enough, Damien is found by a new one, who has an even crazier story than the rest. 

Rating: R

Warnings: None. Yet again, I miss the point of a porn fest :(

A/N: This is not a proper fic, but a collection of 200-word drabbles I wrote exploring a possible Merlin/Damien crossover, where Damien is actually the reincarnated Arthur. Written for kinkalot 2019 Bonus Challenge 2: Crossovers!

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Bradley James

FIC: The Grind

Title: The Grind

Fandom: Merlin

Pairing: Merthur, past Arwen and Gwencelot

Summary: Arthur doesn't like it when Merlin goes to taverns without him.

Rating: R

Warnings: None. Yes, I realise I completely missed the point of a porn fest :(

A/N: Written for kinkalot 2019 Bonus Challenge 1: Dirty Dancing! Now on AO3!

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PIC: Feilong sketch

So, I was going through my papers and found this sad, forgotten thing. I wanted to do an entire series of Feilong pics back at one point and this is one of the last sketches I struggled through before RL stuff happened and all my creative activites dried up. It is dated November 2012 and it remained unfinished, unposted and unloved. Looking at it now, I feel sad for it and guilty enough to find the time and attempt to paint it like I intended to do then. I have't held a brush in years, so we have yet to see how successful that will be. Oh well.

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Devil Jin

FIC: Ultimate Fear- Epilogue

Title: Ultimate Fear

Fandom: Tekken

Pairing: Kazuya/Lee and also a bit of vaguely implied and one-sided Lars/Lee

Summary: Kazuya discovers a taste for fine literature and Lee is too busy to look deeper at what really lies behind this newfound passion. The most ridiculous of fights ensues.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tekken or any of its characters. I am not making any profit from this.

Rating: R

Warnings: Incest, language, violence. Crack.

A/N: JFC @ this fic. Yes, there is an epilogue. Shoot me now. :(

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